Title: Music and Gentrification

Location: Goldsmiths

Date: 6th April, 2018

Call for Papers – Music and Gentrification

Public Engagement Event for the Institute of Musical Research


This one-day conference aims to address the ways in which music supports and intersects with gentrification. It is a free event that encourages dialogue between scholars and members of the public, as well as between scholars within different disciplines. It is particularly hoped that the event will be particularly geared towards group discussions: it will be bookended by short discussions between confirmed speakers, and a respondent who has worked on music and gentrification outside of the academy.

Proposals are invited for papers of twenty minutes’ length with ten minute for questions, and shorter papers – of ten minutes with five minutes for questions, or flexible panels – are particularly encouraged.

Papers might focus on the following topics:

  • How does the performance of music interact with and change urban space?
  • How does music compare to visual art, traditionally seen as the biggest vehicle for gentrification?
  • What impact does the phrase ‘urban music’ have for gentrification? More broadly, how is gentrification conditioned by discourse on music?
  • What impact do the musical categories of high and low, art and popular, or underground and mainstream, have for gentrification?
  • How does technology help mediate processes of gentrification?
  • How are the categories of race, class, and even gender, implicated in music and gentrification?
  • What impact does heritage have for music and gentrification?

For more details on the four confirmed speakers, the rationale behind the conference, and some bibliographic material, see the event website musicandgentrification@wordpress.com


Please send an abstract of no more than 300 words and a biographic note of 50-100 words to musicandgentrification@gmail.com by Friday 16th February.