The IMR is working to make many of its seminars and events available online through audio and video recordings. Currently available recordings are listed below.

  • ECR Event (convened by EC Fellow Samuel Horlor): Geography, Music, Space (One-day conference supported by the Institute of Musical Research, and Durham University's Department of Geography, Institute of Advanced Study and Centre for Academic and Researcher Development, 25th January, 2017) - video recordings of selected papers are available here:

  • Researching Music: Interviewing, Ethnography, and Oral History (6th June, 2016) - audio recordings from a one-day conference jointly organised by the IMR, BFE, and IASPM.

  • IMR Distinguished Lecture Series 2016: 'Musical Encounters: Studies in Relational Musicology' (Professor Nicholas Cook). Video recordings for each of the four lectures delivered in May / June 2016 can be found below. Original event details can be found here.

  • Social Justice in Music Education: a book launch and debate (22nd January 2016) - video recording of Part 1 (speakers' presentations) of the event, jointly hosted by the IMR and Oxford University Press. Audio recording of Parts 1 and 2 (Q&A). Original event details can be found here.

  • Popular Opera, Past and Present (28th November 2015) - study afternoon with Dr. Alexandra Wilson and Dr. Paul Rodmell. A link to the audio podcast can be accessed here, and the original event details can also be found here