The SongArt Performance Research Group

SONGART is a forum for exploration into the nature of live song performance as a unique mode of human expressive action. Taking the lyric impulse as the starting point of expression, the group explores the creative intersections at the heart of the act of song-making (‘songing’), including those between action and reflection, texts and readings, rehearsal and performance, performers and audiences, and pedagogy and professional creative action. Its specific research themes include:

  • the exploration of liveness and its role in facilitating lyric creative action
  • the interdisciplinary potential of song performance, including relationships between the visual and aural, oral and written, as seen from diverse generic and artistic perspectives
  • the role of audiences in the creation of song, including in diverse performance environments such as theatre, concert stage, salon, church, curated installation
  • the broadening of pedagogical directives for effective song performance, including those gained from working with both professional and amateur singers, actor musicians, and pianists

SONGART’s activities to date include collaborative projects with singers, pianists, composers, poets, musicologists, and audiences, drawing on materials as diverse as contemporary artsong, jazz, German Romantic Lieder, folk traditions, music theatre and opera.  Their projects range from workshops, study days, and conferences, to experimental performances and reflective performance pedagogy projects in the UK and abroad.

Everyone is welcome to SongArt events – professionals, students, amateurs, and music-lovers. To learn more about their projects and upcoming events, please see their website at