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Music, creative engagement and violence in contemporary Mexico

  • Senate House Malet Street London, WC1E United Kingdom (map)

How is violence in contemporary Mexico impacting on music-making and other forms creative engagement, and conversely? What are the methodological challenges of exploring this empirically? The workshop will bring together established academics, post-doctoral scholars and postgraduate students for what we hope will be an exciting day of discussion.

The aim of the workshop is to interrogate music and other forms creative engagement that threaten and incite violent encounters; are explicitly anti-violence, imploring empathy and social activism; a combination of these; or otherwise. It will include conference-style papers, performance art, and a roundtable on methods, ethics and representation.


10.00 – TEA/COFFEE

10.15 - 10.25 – Welcome

·  Hettie Malcomson and José Juan Olvera Gudiño

10.25 - 11.10 – Roundtable on Methods, Ethics and Representation (Chair – Ella McPherson)

·  Cirenia Chavez (University of Cambridge), Karina Garcia (University of Bristol), Valeria Guarneros Meza (De Montfort University), Ella McPherson (University of Cambridge)

5 min break

11.20-12.50 – Panel 1 (Chair – Abeyami Ortega)

·  Jennie Galvin (National University of Ireland Galway) – “Soy 100% cabrón” – Eye Candy or Tough Girl?: Representations of Sexuality and the Packaging of Gender in the Narcocorridos of the Movimiento Alterado

·  John Kraniauskas (Birkbeck, University of London) - The Narco-Refrain

·  Hettie Malcomson (University of Southampton) and José Juan Olvera Gudiño (CIESAS Unidad Noreste) - Composing Narco-rap

12.50 – 1.50pm LUNCH (not provided)

1.50 – 3.50 pm – Panel 2 (Chair - José Juan Olvera Gudiño)

·  Andrew Green (Institute of Musical Research, University of London) – Music and Narratives of Violence in the 1994 Chiapas Uprising

·  Maria de Vecchi Gerli (University College London) - H.I.J.O.S. México: Dancing Danzón with the Disappeared

·  Ricardo Gutiérez Vargas (Kings College London) – Embodied Image and Feminicidio in Mexico

·  Erica Segre (University of Cambridge) – Audio-Collage and Sites of Violence or Insurgence: Sound tracks and Music Collaborations in Felipe Ehrenberg's Installation 'Tercera llamada', Marcela Rodriguez and Mario Bellatin's Opera-Film 'Bola Negra: El Musical de Ciudad Juarez' and Eugenio Polgovsky's Documentary 'Mitote'

3.50 – 4.00 – TEA/COFFEE

4.00 – 4.30 – ARTIST SCHOLAR PERFORMANCE ART (Chair - Hettie Malcomson)

·  Veronica Cordova de la Rosa (Oxford Brookes University) – ‘A New Order is Born’

This one-day workshop forms part of the British Academy Newton Mobility Fund project ‘Music and Violence in Contemporary Mexico’ led by Dr Hettie Malcomson (University of Southampton) and Dr José Juan Olvera Gudiño (CIESAS Unidad Noreste). We are grateful to the British Academy Newton Mobility Fund, the Institute of Musical Research, the Institute of Latin American Studies, CIESAS and the University of Southampton for support.