The Institute's Director is Stephen Downes, Professor of Music at Royal Holloway, University of London.

The IMR-Reid Scholar and Institute Administrator (part-time) is Liz Jones.



The IMR's mission is:

  • To foster developments within musical research

  • To strengthen relationships between sub-disciplines of music studies and with other disciplines across the humanities and social sciences

  • To promote interaction and collaboration between researchers and between institutions

  • To play a national and international role in collating and disseminating information relevant to advanced musical studies, events and research in the UK

  • To monitor and, where necessary and possible, support postgraduate training

  • To facilitate the transition from graduate study to careers inside and outside academia

  • To provide an institutional affiliation for visiting and early career scholars

  • To support a broad range of events in collaboration with other institutions around the UK

  • To foster discussion of issues of national scope and importance

  • To build links between musical research and the wider public

An archive of the Institute's activities as part of the School of Advanced Study (2006-2015) can be found here.



The Institute is supported by Royal Holloway, University of London. As such, while enjoying considerable autonomy it is subject to the over-arching governance structures of the University. The Director reports to the Head of Department and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with oversight of the Institute’s activities undertaken by an Advisory Board designed to represent a broad cross-section of HE institutions. The Institute’s accounts are audited by the accountant of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.


Steering Committee

  • Amy Blier-Carruthers, Royal Academy of Music

  • Paul Harper-Scott, Royal Holloway

  • Hettie Malcomson, Southampton

  • Lauren Redhead, Canterbury Christ Church


Advisory Board

  • Paul Archbold, Kingston

  • Sara Cohen, Liverpool

  • Rachel Cowgill, Huddersfield

  • Nicola Dibben, Sheffield

  • Lucy Durán, School of Oriental and African Studies

  • Katharine Ellis, Bristol

  • Agustín Fernández, Newcastle

  • Michael Zev Gordon, Birmingham

  • Bjorn Heile, Glasgow

  • Sarah Hill, Cardiff

  • Julian Horton, Durham

  • John Irving, Trinity

  • Elizabeth Eva Leach, Oxford

  • Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, King's College London

  • Cormac Newark, Guildhall

  • Laudan Nooshin, City

  • Pedro Rebelo, Queen’s University Belfast

  • John Rink, Cambridge

  • Gary Spruce, Open University

  • Tim Wall, Birmingham City

  • Paul Whitty, Oxford Brookes



The Advisory Board shall:

  • advise the Director as to the promotion of the objects of the Institute at a national level;

  • consider, and advise the Director on, the Director's plans for the future development of the Institute;

  • receive reports from, and advise the Director on, any aspect of the Institute's work;

  • give advice to the University in connection with the affairs of the Institute, whether at the University’s request or on the board’s own initiative;

  • from time to time make recommendations to the Board on the terms of reference and constitution of the Advisory Council.

Additionally, the Director shall occasionally consult the Steering Committee on the Institute’s plans and strategy.